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dc.creatorRojas Castellar, Luis Alejandrospa
dc.creatorGarcía Sierra, Rodolfospa
dc.creatorRoa Vásquez, Luis Fernandospa
dc.descriptionIn this paper we describe a new technique for placing fixed capacitors in radial distribution systems based on genetic algorithms (GA). Actually, current optimization models of capacitor placement only consider losses reduction and voltage profile simultaneously, but the compensation cost and the load changes are not taking into account as part of the objective function. Also, the result may be not the best choice because this is a very large optimization problem and there are too many combinations. We present here a general approach for the optimal solution of this problem considering all the parameters of the distribution system involved: capacitor cost, voltage, angle and load changes per hour. An exhaustive search through all possible solutions is needed. Therefore, GA is an ideal candidate to solve this situation. Working with this algorithm, a Microsoft Excel Program has been developed in order to answer the capacitor placement problem for any kind of radial distribution system. The test results are presented along with the discussion of the
dc.publisherUniversidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas. Colombiaes-ES
dc.sourceTecnura Journal; Vol 7 No 14 (2004): Enero - Junio 2004; 78-85en-US
dc.sourceTecnura; Vol. 7 Núm. 14 (2004): Enero - Junio 2004; 78-85es-ES
dc.titleOptimal capacitor placement for distribution systems using genetic algorithmses-ES

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