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Title: Wireless Visual Sensor Network Robots Based for the Emulation of Collective Behavior
Author: Martínez Sarmiento, Fredy Hernán
Delgado, Jesús Alberto
Publisher: Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas. Colombia
Description: We  consider the problem of bacterial  quorum Sensing emulate on small mobile robots. Robots that reflect the behavior of bacteria are designed as mobile wireless camera nodes. They are able to structure a dynamic wireless sensor network. Emulated behavior corresponds to a simplification of bacterial quórum sensing, where the action of a network node is conditioned by the population density of robots (nodes) in a given area. The population density Reading is done visually using a camera. The robot makes an estímate of the population density of the images, and acts according to this information. The operation of the camera is done whit a custom firmware, reducing the complexity of the node without the use of any other external or local commuication. Neither was it necessary to develop a model system, precise state estimation or state feedback.
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